Safety First – Gatwood Crane Service, Inc.

Safety First

At Gatwood Crane, we not only strive to offer the highest quality of work but by doing it in the safest possible manner.

Gatwood Crane has a company-wide safety policy to assure that all jobs be done with respect to the safety and health of our customers and employees and also adheres to all other companies policies. We have implemented a plan based on a company policy, safety meetings, and hands-on experiences in the field.


Safety Policy – The owners, managers and employee’s of Gatwood Crane believe that no project can be considered a success without all of our employees returning home safely each evening. We firmly believe the safety of our associates, our clients, the public, the environment and our subcontractors cannot be compromised by our operations. Safety is accomplished by a proactive teamwork approach. Gatwood Crane believes that by eliminating accidents and injuries, the total performance of the company is improved. For specific inquiries into our safety policies and practices, please contact us.